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Last updates :

06/01/2015Addition of 8 pictures from a new photographer : Michèle EDIN. Welcome Michèle !
17/12/2013Here we go, some sort if my pictures and, waiting for deep changes on this site, addition of 6 new bird pictures from South Africa taken last may, and one taken in Créteil last week.
24/03/2013Addition of 4 pictures of Alpine Chough taken in the Alps this week.
08/09/2012Addition of 8 pictures taken during my holidays in Guadeloupe.
21/05/2012Addition of 3 pictures taken last week-end in Der lake.
16/05/2012Addition of 5 pictures and 3 videos taken last days in Fontainebleau forest and Chanfroy.
16/07/2011Addition of 3 pictures taken in Peru in june.

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